Why EZ?

Not only single mom's, but MOM’s, always put one needs before our own. We loose our self confidence, forget who we are and how beautiful we are due to lack of support, stability, and finances. WE have to raise the kids, face our own problems, and find enough time to follow our own dreams!! It’s hard!! Our big hearts causes us to make mistakes, form relationship’s we later regret, support people who don’t support us, all while keeping a smile on our face, pretending like we’re not broken!!  WE ARE YOU!!

Everyday EZ will remind you how bold, beautiful, and educated you are!! Ignore the haters! Wake up everyday in your best FIT and show the naysayers how brains can get you further than BEAUTY! Your smile is worth more than frowning, giving your energy to ones that don't deserve it. Look at you!! You don't look like what you have been through. You're a BOSS!! We can adjust to anything. Switch your outfits, like you're about to switch levels. Keep your head and keep bossing up!! 

I'm 31 years old with 5 gorgeous babies. They are my world and I will do anything for mine. I had to walk away from long term relationships, good friends, and even turn down family members to get here. I had to make a decision that my life is important too. I overworked, overthink, and wanted to give up. I knew if I'm not happy, my kids won't be happy. They don't deserve anything less! I got my Master's degree and worked a corporate job in the life course of having my babies, break-ups, struggling, depression, and more. As of today, EZ is my full time job. I want to motivate you to keep going no matter what life throws at you! If I can make it with 5 kids and not work an 8-5, what's stopping you? 

EZ has been growing for 6 years. We will continue to encourage women to start their own business, finish their education, and motivate self love. Every Tuesday- Thursday, EZ Dollz go Live on Facebook around 8 p.m cst, for boss talk. Check us out. Thank you for stopping by. 

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